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Textbook Updates/Changes

This page provides a list of  textbook updates and changes. Textbook Updates are listed first followed by Textbook Changes/Corrections.



This textbook was written between 2018 and mid-2020. Updates to laws, standards of practice, etc. occur on a regular basis. The Fitness Law Academy, LLC will make an effort to keep owners of the text abreast of these updates. These are listed by Chapter. Check back, periodically, to this site for additional updates.

Chapter 3

Neal v. PFTN Murfreesboro South (case described on p. 76) was dismissed on Feb. 10, 2021 (the dispute between parties was resolved). 

Chapter 4

Published Standards of Practice:

a) ACSM published its 11th edition (2021) of ACSM Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription, Gary Liguori, senior editor. 

b) IHRSA Standards: Title changed from IHRSA’s Guide to Club Membership & Conduct to IHRSA Club Membership Eligibility Standards. 

Chapter 5

Update on the USA Gymnastics -- sexual assault victims (p. 183): See article by Tabatha Wethal published in the Athletic Business e-newsletter -- USAG Poses $425M Settlement with Nassar Victims (Sept 2, 2021).

Chapter 8

The Jordan McNair case (described on pp. 318-319) was settled for $3.5 million. See article by Andy Berg published in the Athletic Business e-newsletter -- Maryland Settles Lawsuit Over Heatstroke Death (January 2021).

Chapter 9

Chapter 9 describes recalls of exercise equipment. See article (Peloton Recalls Treadmills Following Injuries, Death) published in the Athletic Business e-newsletter (May 2021) regarding Peloton’s recall of its Tread+ treadmills after several injuries as well as a death of a child. For a negligence case involving an injury to a 3-year-old child in March 2020 (prior to Peloton's recall in 2021), see S.S. By And Through Stern v. Peloton Interactive, Inc. (2021 WL 4711675). 


The first printing of this textbook (October 2020) contained a few errors, which are listed below by Chapter. All of these errors, and a few other minor errors, such as typos/grammar, have been corrected in the second printing of this book (October 14, 2021). Therefore, all “new” books sold by Amazon after October 14, 2021, do not contain these errors. 

Chapter 2

Insert reference #11 (Head and Horn) on p. 53 – at end of the first sentence under the Step 2 -- Development of Risk Management Strategies heading, as follows: (11).  

Chapter 3

a) On p. 66, 1st paragraph under General Overview of Discrimination: Change 90,558 charges to 76,418. Also, the reason for the distributions not totaling 100% at the bottom of this paragraph is because some charges allege multiple bases.

b) In the spotlight case, Waller v. Blast Fitness Group, Inc. (p. 70): In the first paragraph under Procedural Facts, change Missouri Human Rights Commission (MHRC) to Missouri Human Rights Act (MHRA).

c) Exhibit 3-3 (p. 79): In the title, change IV to  VII so it reads: Exhibit 3-3: Resources to Enhance Compliance with Titles II and VII of the Civil Rights Act.

Chapter 4

On p. 116, 2nd column toward the bottom (van der Smissen quote): Change "is actively engaged" to "might be actively engaged."

Chapter 7

a) On p. 261, 2nd bullet under Lessons Learned… (Legal): change Chapter 2 to Chapter 4.

b) On p. 262, last line in first paragraph (Historical Facts), change “neuroscience trainer” to “neuroexercise trainer.”

Chapter 8

a) On p. 302, change the subheading Internet Training to: Internet/Live Online Training.

b) On p. 317, 2nd column, change the last two sentences in the first paragraph to: Therefore, total damages came to $629,229.00 ($500,000 plus items 3, 4, and 5 above). Upon appeal, the First Circuit Court of Appeals in Louisiana upheld the damages awarded, and added costs of the appeal.

Chapter 9

a) On p. 350, toward the bottom of the first column, change "Staton" to Stafon so it reads: player Stafon Johnson...

b) On p. 365, toward the bottom of the first column, change "see page 20: to see page 26 in the Technogym's...

Chapter 10

a) On p. 399, 1st column, 2nd paragraph: Change University to Universal (Universal Global Design). 

b) On p. 419, change the subheading Livestreaming/ On-Demand Fitness Classes and Workouts.